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Biggs Family

October 1st, 2009

CP: So, this was your 1st ever visit to Zim. Was it how you imagined it?

P&C: Yes… and more! We had gone to Zim with a number of questions and things which we were praying about. We were trusting that God would provide answers to these questions during our trip and through those we met. We found that this was definitely the case and we feel we have much clearer direction for the future.

CP: Is it possible to distinguish a ‘best part’ of the trip?

P&C: That’s tricky. The first week was great relaxation and good fun – driving through the bush, dodging Giraffe and Baboons. The second week was full with building relationship, getting informed, making plans and absorbing the vision. All good in different ways, whilst also presenting a number of challenges to pray about.

CP: What are some of things God is doing through his church there?

P&C:The foundations for farming college at Ebenezer is ground breaking – Literally! Not only are students learning sustainable farming techniques that allow them to feed their own family and have a surplus to sell, but they are also coming to know Jesus for themselves. There is a real sense of momentum and excitement about what God is doing in the nation through the church.

CP: What was the most unusual thing you saw?

P&C:A tortoise in the road

CP: If you were to sum up the trip in 8 words, what would they be?

P&C:Life changing, Future shaping, Momentum building, Faith stretching

CP: What did Hannah and Sophie enjoy most?

H:Big gardens, great countryside but most of all Victoria Falls

S:I liked it all, but riding on an elephant was the best

Feature: Students

October 1st, 2009

If you are a new or returning student to Birmingham, welcome to Churchcentral! We currently have around 50 students from Aston, Birmingham and Birmingham City universities who choose to call Churchcentral their home whilst at university. Students are a really integral part of the church, and we are committed to both serving students and seeing students involved in serving the church. We currently have students involved in mid-week Life Groups, Alpha, kids work, music, refreshments, community projects and our technical and practical teams. In some cases it’s students who are heading up these teams! There are loads of ways you can get involved and whether you are in your first, second or final year, we want to get to know you, support you and pray for you during your time here in Birmingham.

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest student city, home to over 65,000 students. Our desire is to fully represent the diversity of our city, so in addition to people from every other walk of life, we would love to have many students from every university, every college and every course in the city, who are impacting campuses with the love of Christ. We believe God has many more people for himself on our campuses. So do join us on our mission to reach the 65,000 Birmingham students and make Jesus the most talked about person on campus.
We have a number of different ways we like to support and get to know you if you are a student. We have “student” Life Groups that are specifically for students. We meet mid-week to hang out and get to know each other better, to worship together, read the Bible and encourage each other in our walks with God. We have meetings that are specifically for students, and for the first 3 weeks of term we are even going to cook you lunch! We want to serve you, get to know you and provide a place where you can get to know others. So please do come and have lunch with us. If you have any questions, anyone wearing a red “Churchcentral students” t-shirt will be happy to help you out.

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An Alternative Culture

October 1st, 2009

Fuelled by my time in New York with church leaders from 84 major world cities, I’m more convinced than ever that God’s called us to transform our city. It’s not enough for Christians to simply live as individuals in the city. In Jeremiah 29:7, for example, Israel’s exiles were called not just to live in the city, but also to love it and work for its economic, social, and spiritual flourishing. And Jesus told his disciples that they were “a city on a hill” that showed God’s glory to the world (Matt. 5:14-16).

Christians are called to be an alternate culture within every culture; to show how things like money, power and sex can be used in non-destructive ways. The Christian counterculture should encourage a radically generous commitment of time, money and relationships to social justice and the needs of the poor, the immigrant, and the economically and physically weak. Christian community must also be visibly committed to relationship-building between races and classes that are alienated outside of the church. And we’re to avoid secular society’s idolization of sex and traditional society’s fear of it. We’re to be a community that so loves and cares for its members that sexual abstinence outside of marriage and fidelity within it makes sense.

But it’s not enough for Christians to form a culture that runs counter to the values of the broader culture. Christians should be a community radically committed to the good of the city as a whole. We must neither just denounce the culture nor adopt it. We must sacrificially serve the common good, expecting to be constantly misunderstood and sometimes attacked. Basically, we’re to walk in the steps of the one who laid down his life for his opponents so as to transform the world

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