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A Second Site

November 1st, 2009

There are over 1 million unbelievers within a 10 mile radius of KES. Thousands of them are asking the kinds of questions that we’re answering every Sunday. But we’re not reaching those people. They’re not going to walk through the door on a Sunday morning unless we do something different. If something doesn’t break us out of our routine, we’re never going to see the fulfilment of our vision. We won’t be a large city shaking church. We won’t be a national exhibition centre for the display of God’s glory. And Jesus certainly won’t be the most talked about person in Birmingham. That bothers me! I don’t want us to become complacent. I want us to still be bothered by the things that bothered us back in the beginning when we didn’t have any people and things weren’t so comfortable. We wanted to reach people who were far from God and who’d given up on church and had given up on the hope of ever knowing God.

The dream remains the same. But, as we shared at the recent Newsnight, the route we’re taking is going to change. It’s hard because it doesn’t feel like a lot of people have gone this route before. But often to reach people no-one else is reaching we have to do things no-one else is doing. We believe God’s leading us towards meeting across multiple sites for this next stage. So from January we’re moving our 9.30 am meeting to Lordswood Boy’s School. It might look different in the future – we just want to keep listening to God and following him. What we’re asking you to do is come with us on the journey.

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