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How to get Rich

February 3rd, 2012

Most of us spend our entire lives trying to get rich. We work and scheme and worry in pursuit of this ever-elusive goal. And yet while we accumulate more and more stuff (and the worries that come with it), we never feel rich.

But what if we’ve already achieved that goal, and we don’t even realise it? What if the thing we’re chasing is already in our hands? And yet we never stop to consider how to be rich. Enticed by our culture, we focus so much on achieving an ever-increasing standard of living that we never realise when, in fact, we become rich.

So, this Sunday we’re going to be launching a four part series exploring a passage of Scripture written specifically to the rich, in order to help us learn how to be rich. In part one of the series, we’ll discuss the seemingly preposterous question: “What if you are, in fact, already rich?” Because the reality is that if you have a place to live, food in the cupboards and clothes to wear, then by the world’s standards you are rich.

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