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Introducing the FP Team:

November 30th, 2010

Well, we’ve already been here for three months now but we thought it was time to officially introduce the Churchcentral FP team of 2010-2011. You may have seen us rushing around on a Sunday morning but you might not have realised who we are and what we are actually doing. So here is a quick introduction to us…

First up we have Miss Jo Sharman. Having already lived in Birmingham for three years she is a well established member of Churchcentral who decided to dedicate this year to the church after graduating in African Studies with Development last year. She’s the international brain box of the year team and works with several different organisations. One of the projects she is involved with is working for Raddlebarn Primary School where she teaches English to international pupils. She is also heavily involved with Restore, a charity that works alongside and supports newly arrived asylum seekers to the UK. Talk to her for any amount of time and her passion for this work is clear to see. She is also involved in Churchcentral’s Totz work as well as acting official tour guide to me and Sam when we first arrived in Birmingham three months ago!

Next up we have Sam. Sam is newly arrived from Bromley and is currently residing in the Bavingtons basement! (Converted basement I hasten to add!) So having fully immersed himself into life in Birmingham Sam is our go to guy when it comes to technical matters. As technology is neither a friend of mine nor Jo, Sam is a life-saver in the office when it comes to technological difficulties! It is Sam who helps ensure that Sunday mornings run without a glitch a task now that we have two sites is no small feat! He is also involved with the Bearwood toddler group as well as ‘KidzKlub’ on a Saturday so he’s kept busy as well as having to cope with an otherwise female FP team.

And finally there’s me, confusingly also called Jo (in the office it’s a nightmare!). I’m an Essex girl born and bred and have been mocked mercilessly about white stilettos and fake tans since arriving in the West Midlands. I’m involved in several projects; helping to write and manage the newly launched blog, writing materials for Kidzcentral and I am working alongside a couple of local charities. One of these is Karis, where I help with general admin as well as visiting several of their elderly clients where I enjoy being fed cake and tea! I am also involved in ‘KidzKlub’ on a Saturday which is always fun (so far a noodle and mussel foot spa has been the oddest experience!) and am generally enjoying life as a part of Churchcentral.

So this is the summary of the team so far. We have been here for three months now and have already begun to come together as a team. We’ve had a laugh and are really excited for the year ahead of us. We want to serve you as a church to the best of our abilities and we are looking forward to the future adventures and challenges that are facing us!

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Lynda Kelly

March 1st, 2010

CP: Lynda, how long have you lived in Birmingham?

LK: I’ve been living in Birmingham since August last year when Jonathon (my husband) and I moved here from Kent. We were both members of the Newfrontiers’ Medway Family Church in Rochester, which is where we met and subsequently married in 2006. I was born and bred in Leicester but after graduating from Brighton Polytechnic, I spent many years living and working in Europe and Africa so it’s rather a novelty to be so close to my roots.

CP: We understand your husband is a bit of a stickler for time?

LK: Well yes… let’s say he’s working on it! After a career in engineering, Jonathon took a big decision to make a change and last September he became a full-time student studying Horology, the study of time, clocks and watches, at BCU in the Jewellery Quarter.

CP: Before joining the CC staff team, how have you been spending your time?

LK: Painting, decorating and generally getting sorted in our new house took up a lot of my time and energy in the first few months of arriving, so it was good to become involved with some Churchcentral events such as Senior Life Group and ‘Time for Tea’. I also became part of a student disability support team at BCU working as a note-taker, which has provided a lot of variety particularly as I’ve been attending all sorts of lectures such as criminal justice, braille and even electronics at the various city campuses.

CP: What do you love doing in any spare time you have?

LK: I love everything to do with growing vegetables and flowers, particularly on allotments. I have been known to get very excited about compost heaps. Last year I was introduced to the art of beekeeping, so who knows what I’ll get up to when I finally get my own allotment!

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A Second Site

November 1st, 2009

There are over 1 million unbelievers within a 10 mile radius of KES. Thousands of them are asking the kinds of questions that we’re answering every Sunday. But we’re not reaching those people. They’re not going to walk through the door on a Sunday morning unless we do something different. If something doesn’t break us out of our routine, we’re never going to see the fulfilment of our vision. We won’t be a large city shaking church. We won’t be a national exhibition centre for the display of God’s glory. And Jesus certainly won’t be the most talked about person in Birmingham. That bothers me! I don’t want us to become complacent. I want us to still be bothered by the things that bothered us back in the beginning when we didn’t have any people and things weren’t so comfortable. We wanted to reach people who were far from God and who’d given up on church and had given up on the hope of ever knowing God.

The dream remains the same. But, as we shared at the recent Newsnight, the route we’re taking is going to change. It’s hard because it doesn’t feel like a lot of people have gone this route before. But often to reach people no-one else is reaching we have to do things no-one else is doing. We believe God’s leading us towards meeting across multiple sites for this next stage. So from January we’re moving our 9.30 am meeting to Lordswood Boy’s School. It might look different in the future – we just want to keep listening to God and following him. What we’re asking you to do is come with us on the journey.

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Feature: Students

October 1st, 2009

If you are a new or returning student to Birmingham, welcome to Churchcentral! We currently have around 50 students from Aston, Birmingham and Birmingham City universities who choose to call Churchcentral their home whilst at university. Students are a really integral part of the church, and we are committed to both serving students and seeing students involved in serving the church. We currently have students involved in mid-week Life Groups, Alpha, kids work, music, refreshments, community projects and our technical and practical teams. In some cases it’s students who are heading up these teams! There are loads of ways you can get involved and whether you are in your first, second or final year, we want to get to know you, support you and pray for you during your time here in Birmingham.

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest student city, home to over 65,000 students. Our desire is to fully represent the diversity of our city, so in addition to people from every other walk of life, we would love to have many students from every university, every college and every course in the city, who are impacting campuses with the love of Christ. We believe God has many more people for himself on our campuses. So do join us on our mission to reach the 65,000 Birmingham students and make Jesus the most talked about person on campus.
We have a number of different ways we like to support and get to know you if you are a student. We have “student” Life Groups that are specifically for students. We meet mid-week to hang out and get to know each other better, to worship together, read the Bible and encourage each other in our walks with God. We have meetings that are specifically for students, and for the first 3 weeks of term we are even going to cook you lunch! We want to serve you, get to know you and provide a place where you can get to know others. So please do come and have lunch with us. If you have any questions, anyone wearing a red “Churchcentral students” t-shirt will be happy to help you out.

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The Pace is Quickening

September 1st, 2009

Try to think of a promise in Scripture that didn’t involve a lengthy delay before it was fulfilled. It’s hard isn’t it? There aren’t many. Think of Abraham’s 25 year wait for God to fulfil the promise of the birth of a son. Think of Moses – God calls him to lead his people out of captivity in Egypt in Exodus 3. It isn’t until ten chapters (and ten plagues) later that they finally get released! And it’s another 40 years before they enter the promised land! Think of Jesus’ promise that he will return soon!

I think of my own life: God’s call to move to Birmingham was followed by 10 years of waiting for him to open the way. And, as a church, we have some huge unfulfilled promises hanging over our heads: God’s called us to believe that we’ll be a national exhibition centre of his glory and he’s whet our appetite with the promise that one day Jesus will be the most talked about person in our city! We’re still waiting!

But I believe with all my heart that the pace is quickening. I’m convinced we’re on the brink of something big! In preparation we’re multiplying our Sunday meetings and our Alpha Courses. History teaches that the promises of God are inherited by people of faith who don’t give up hope, who persevere and who take risks in anticipation of God fulfilling his word. It can be a real challenge at times, but let’s make it our aim to live that way.

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