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February 8th, 2011

Custard? Check. Ketchup? Check. Gravy granules? Check. Toothpaste? Check? And jelly worms? Check. This is pretty much an average shopping list for a Saturday morning ‘KidzKlub’. There aren’t many other places in Birmingham that on a Saturday morning offer a free foot spa complete with mussels and wet noodles or a complete flee check and facial cleanse for your monkey. However if you roll on down to ‘KidzKlub’ in Weoley Castle that is exactly what you will find and much more besides!

We have dressing up, games, pantos, prizes, stories, worship, and not forgetting the good old pie in the face! Every Saturday morning general hilarity, fun and chaos descends upon the small church hall hidden away in the depths of Weoley Castle.

The work of Megan and Paul Tucker and the ‘KidzKlub’ team over the last three years is clear to see when you look around at the engaged and excited faces, most of them from non-Christian backgrounds, as they listen to Bible stories, sing songs of praise and cheer as their favourite leaders get covered in slime and gunk.

KidzKlub is really working to serve the local community in providing a safe and fun environment for local kids to ‘hang out’ on a Saturday morning but also by showing them who Jesus is and how much he loves them.

God is clearly moving in Weoley Castle and is using ‘KidzKlub’ as a real instrument to do that. We are really excited as to where God will take us over the next term and over the next year, we are hoping to see an increase in numbers and God really using ‘KidzKlub’ to benefit families that live in and around Weoley Castle.

It is such a fun morning and if you want to get involved please talk to Megan or Paul Tucker.

Feature: Totzcentral and Creche

December 1st, 2009

Totzcentral forms part of our Sunday morning programme for 2½ – 4 year olds. Our aim is for these children to discover God’s love for them, know they are part of God’s family and get to know Jesus for themselves. We also want them to have loads of fun! Each Sunday is themed, with craft activities, singing, reading a bible story – or maybe acting it out! We pray and play games based on the theme too. Earlier this term we all had fun learning about Noah’s Ark and made elephants out of plastic milk bottles, cardboard arks and binoculars.

Younger children are also made very welcome at Churchcentral and parents can accompany their children younger than 2½ to Totzcentral where there are age appropriate toys for them to play with. They can watch the older children and even join in with parents’ help. Alternatively, there is a TV/Quiet Room where parents can take their younger children and still be able to listen to the talk via video link while the children play.

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Feature: Kidzcentral

December 1st, 2009

How many cabbages do you reckon you could hold? Could you lasso the lion and return him safely to the cage? Have you ever drawn in brown sauce with your nose or made an elephant from a plastic milk bottle? More to the point, where do all these activities take place …and why!? The rumours are that the Kidzcentral and Totzcentral teams know, so Central Point went to find out more.

Yes, it’s true! Sunday mornings at Kidzcentral are where at least some of these surreal activities are taking place. This term the kids from Reception to Year 6 have been following the adventures of Daniel and his friends as they join the King’s elite team, interpret dreams, are saved miraculously by God from certain death in the fiery furnace, and much, much more. What amazing exploits these guys had! Our morning in Kidzcentral kicks off with a lively time of singing worship to God. The children will often pray their thanks and praise in between the songs, and a fair bit of dancing and air guitar takes place while we sing! There is plenty of opportunity for fun and mess in the ‘Challenges’ section of the morning, and then we explore the bible stories in our ‘Know What?’ slot. We also want to learn how the bible relates to our lives and so our brilliant team uses games, drama, stories and real life examples in the ‘So What?!’ time of the morning to bring the meaning of the stories alive. ‘Now What?’ gives us time in groups to pray for each other, talk about the bible story or about how they are doing at home or school right now. Add into the morning the hotly contested Star of the Week and the Hot Seat prizes and it’s a fun and power-filled hour.

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