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June 5th, 2011

As we set course on a new season in the life of Churchcentral, God wants us to understand something of how he is changing our life together in order that we can have faith for it, be encouraged, be challenged by it and so that we can pray in line with God’s good and perfect will. As Mark has been praying into our next phase as a church together, God spoke to him in the form of a picture, in order to help prepare us as a church for what God has planned ahead.

God showed me a harbour – this is where Churchcentral has been for some time now, gathering a group of vessels together. Different boats, all shapes and sizes, colours and specifications. It has been as though the people on land have heard a call and got into their boats gathered together and begun to fish. But God is calling us out from the harbour. The open sea is waiting.

Now the sea is a different prospect altogether… rougher, deeper but it’s where the real catches of fish are to be found, those who are far off and who God is calling (Acts 2: 39). If we are to be able to go into the open sea some things need to change. A group of small boats will not make it – God wants to shape us into an ocean going vessel; a ship where all are committed, playing our part, no matter how big or small to the smooth running of the operation. There is a coming together that needs to take place to leave the small boats and step on board the bigger ship.

There is a price. The small boat is familiar, holds happy memories and security. You can be the captain of your own boat. You can come and go from the group when you please. But, you will never see the ocean, fish in the depths, reach far off shores, see real power at work.

God is calling us all to get on board, he is calling us out to the ocean, the ship is waiting, the adventure is waiting. Nets are ready to be manned, the engines are fuelled up, Jesus is setting us on a course for the bigger, deeper, more powerful things and is inviting us to step on board. Will you leave the small harbour-bound boat and come to sea?

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Setting The Pace

January 14th, 2011

Like thousands of others, Jonny found himself stuck in his car in gridlocked traffic last Friday. A very brief snow shower brought all the main roads in the city to a virtual stand still. God used the experience to speak about what he is doing on a spiritual level:

I’m the one who sets the pace. I can bring people to a stop and I can propel them forward. I can make them still and I can excite them into action. I can obstruct progress and I can clear the way. Ultimately, whatever skills are possessed or efforts undertaken, it is me that causes movement or stagnation…

The condition of my church in England over the past 50 years has not been normal, free flowing traffic. It has been a traffic jam that has been at a crawl. This is not how my kingdom usually advances. This is kingdom advance at a standstill and I have brought it to a standstill.

However, just as I can bring to a standstill, I can set things in motion. Just as I can block the path, I can also clear the road. I want my people to start to pray expectantly for a break in the traffic – for things to go from a crawl to an open road. I want them to pray for increased speed of breakthroughs in individuals’ lives, for believers who have been stuck for long periods of time to be suddenly moving very fast. I want them to pray for the quick, violent release of leaders and for leadership gifting to develop in individuals at breakneck speed. One minute they looked like they would never travel faster than 10 miles an hour; then suddenly, they are racing along at the national speed limit…

When the road clears, individuals get to their destinations more quickly but also masses of static traffic is dispersed quickly. I want to speed up individuals, churches and my church within this nation. You will look back at the days of snow traffic and wonder how you could have moved so slowly and your children will be amazed that you thought that a traffic jam was normal traffic. But I used that time to teach you to be still and know that I am the one who causes movement, that I am God. Now I want you to experience what it is to know that I am God while travelling at high speed.

As a church we’re certainly believing for an increase in momentum over the coming twelve months. This Sunday we will be sharing a little more about what we think this is going to look like in practise.

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The Pace is Quickening

September 1st, 2009

Try to think of a promise in Scripture that didn’t involve a lengthy delay before it was fulfilled. It’s hard isn’t it? There aren’t many. Think of Abraham’s 25 year wait for God to fulfil the promise of the birth of a son. Think of Moses – God calls him to lead his people out of captivity in Egypt in Exodus 3. It isn’t until ten chapters (and ten plagues) later that they finally get released! And it’s another 40 years before they enter the promised land! Think of Jesus’ promise that he will return soon!

I think of my own life: God’s call to move to Birmingham was followed by 10 years of waiting for him to open the way. And, as a church, we have some huge unfulfilled promises hanging over our heads: God’s called us to believe that we’ll be a national exhibition centre of his glory and he’s whet our appetite with the promise that one day Jesus will be the most talked about person in our city! We’re still waiting!

But I believe with all my heart that the pace is quickening. I’m convinced we’re on the brink of something big! In preparation we’re multiplying our Sunday meetings and our Alpha Courses. History teaches that the promises of God are inherited by people of faith who don’t give up hope, who persevere and who take risks in anticipation of God fulfilling his word. It can be a real challenge at times, but let’s make it our aim to live that way.

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Greg & Angela Kemm

May 1st, 2009

CP: Can you give us a highlight in your family lives since you where with us a year ago?

G&A: We went to Cape Town in December last year and enjoyed glorious sunshine and Christmas lunch in the ‘open air’ on a Wine Farm. Our whole family were together for the first time in quite a while. A real highlight!

CP: Has much changed at Churchcentral since your last visit?

G&A: Yes it has! We found such an air of maturity over the whole church and this has nothing to do with age. People, generally, seemed to have developed greatly in their relationships with God. And there’s such a hunger for God that it makes it a joy to be with you again. We really enjoyed seeing spiritual gifts flowing so freely at the Sunday service, and trust that they are being used in the week as well..

CP: You travel internationally. Where are some of the places you have been in the last year?

G&A: Besides two trips to Cape Town we have also ministered in two Newfrontiers churches in Denmark and two in Sweden. We’ll be back there this year again, as well as helping the embryo of a church plant in Antioch, Turkey.

CP: What do you miss most about being away from home?

G&A: Our family and friends, long uninterrupted spells of sunshine and the vibrancy of the various cultures. Having said that, we really enjoy being here as well!

CP: What do you enjoy most about ministering in local churches?

G&A: We love the Church and know the power and effectiveness of the local church to change society and bring hope. So we really enjoy helping to build confidence into people to know their authority in Jesus and their ability to advance God’s Kingdom wherever they are.