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Estelle Blythe

March 1st, 2010

CP: Estelle, tell us a bit about what was going on in your life before Christmas?

EB:Well, towards the end of November I received a phone call from the hospital telling me that they would like to discuss some test results with me. So I went in and they told me that they had found a lump about the size of a conker, and that this particular lump was cancerous. That was a Christmas present I didn’t particularly want!

CP: What did you do in response to this news?

EB:At the time I was going along to the Alpha course in Selly Oak and I knew that there was a particular week dedicated to the topic of healing. I really wanted to go and I went along that week and decided to ask God to heal me, so after the talk I responded and got prayed for.

CP: And did you feel God respond?

EB: Well, it wasn’t done instantly. I did feel God really with me at Alpha, so much so that I nearly fell of my chair! I went in for more tests, the lump was still there and I was still going through the motions of going for appointments and being told about procedures that they were going to do. A few weeks later, just while making a cup of tea in my kitchen I felt a touch on my shoulder and a very gentle male voice say to me “it’s going to be alright.” I turned around and there was no-one there, and it took me a while to weigh up whether that was God speaking to me, or whether I had lost my marbles!

CP: And what has happened since then?

EB: Two weeks later I was shopping, just going through normal life. I got a phone call from the hospital telling me that they were really sorry and the further tests they did after Christmas came back negative and the lump is benign. They thought they’d made a mistake and they didn’t know what’s going on. I knew exactly what was going on! Praise God.

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