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Nehemiah: Bold Leadership

December 8th, 2011

Here’s the third crucially important lesson from the story of Nehemiah:

Protecting your spiritual integrity requires bold leadership.

If the story of Nehemiah teaches us anything, it teaches that clear standards by themselves aren’t enough. The people made all these vows, but then promptly disregarded them! So how can we guard against falling into the same trap?

Well, that’s where bold leadership comes in. If we’re in a position of leadership – parents, bosses, if you carry any leadership in the church – when we see the shadow of someone just about to cross a line, we need to be bold in addressing it.

We also need to be under bold leadership. We need to be in a church where the Bible’s clearly taught; where its standards are upheld. We need to have people around us who will speak up if they see that we’re in potential danger. We need to have friends in our life like Nehemiah – people who won’t condone or turn a blind eye to behaviour that’s just wrong. Do you have that? If you don’t, won’t you give someone permission to be like that with you?

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