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Pete Walker

May 13th, 2011

Pete Walker recently joined the Churchcentral staff team in what we believe is a crucial role as we look to multiply further sites across the city.

CC: Pete, could you could start by telling us a little about yourself

PW: Hi! I am Pete, a civil engineer, (or as a good friend once put it: Civil Pete Walker, Engineer). I became redundant 18 months ago, so am now semi-retired. Me and my amazing wife Lizzie moved to Birmingham 3.5  years ago to join Churchcentral.

CC: …and in 20 words can you tell us what your staff role is at Churchcentral?

PW: I was asked a few months ago to take on the part-time role of  Logistics/Maintenance Officer for Churchcentral

CC: Exactly 20! But maybe you could tell us a little more about what’s involved.

PW: I am working with others to prepare both our sites for Sunday morning meetings and making sure the venues are set-up in an efficient and welcoming manner, as well as being set-down tidily with due regard to the requirements of the schools we meet in. My role is to help release others to do other tasks; for example we have reduced the work for our set-up team at our Lordswood site as I (with others) now go in on Friday afternoons to set-up. Another part of my role is the maintenance and improvement of equipment, so running repairs, and the making of trolleys has been a major part of my work so far! We hope to develop a system that will enable us to move to other venues and resource the set-up of multiple sites in the future.

CC: How is it going so far?

PW: Having spent an exciting and interesting life working with teams of people, building underground railways; aircraft hangers; multi-storey buildings; (just to name a few) this is my first opportunity to practically help in building a church. I think it’s right that the timely putting out of chairs, signs, setting up PA while liaising with the staff  of our venues to ensure the smooth running of our meetings is considered such an important part of growth. If we cannot do that well, then it’s unlikely people will feel as welcomed as we want them to.

I want to thank so many people who take such an interest in what I am doing, and have come up and offered to help, and also those who take part so consistently. I have to say that if I had not taken this role, I would never have had the experienced the droll wit of the PA teams as they solved yet another impossible problem; or the priceless demonstration of Andy Back and Pete Halford on how NOT to put a drum kit together. It is good, I enjoy it and the hard work has kept my trouser belt on its last notch!

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Godfirst Jo’burg

January 28th, 2011

For the last week I’ve been getting to grips with the phenomenal Godfirst church in Johannesburg. Planted with 20 people in January 2005, it now has 9 meetings every Sunday, spanning 7 sites and gathering in the region of 2,000 people. And they’re still expanding! Last Sunday saw them announce that two new sites would be launched over the next few months!

In an attempt to get to the bottom of their extraordinary success, I’ve attended a couple of their sites, three elders meetings, one early morning prayer meeting, a joining the church evening, and had one to ones with nine of their key leaders.

It has been impossible to get away from their energetic devotion to God – they really do put God first! As their remarkable growth implies, there’s also an overwhelming sense of being on a mission together.

The whole experience has certainly been both inspiring and faith building. I feel as though I’ve caught more of a glimpse of our future as we seek to reach the many people God has for us in our city. Suddenly the prospect of seeing Jesus the most talked about person in Birmingham doesn’t seem so hard to imagine!

The next leg of my trip sees me visiting Phil and Claire in Bulawayo – hopefully for a spot of much needed r & r (!) before returning the UK on Tuesday.

A Second Site

November 1st, 2009

There are over 1 million unbelievers within a 10 mile radius of KES. Thousands of them are asking the kinds of questions that we’re answering every Sunday. But we’re not reaching those people. They’re not going to walk through the door on a Sunday morning unless we do something different. If something doesn’t break us out of our routine, we’re never going to see the fulfilment of our vision. We won’t be a large city shaking church. We won’t be a national exhibition centre for the display of God’s glory. And Jesus certainly won’t be the most talked about person in Birmingham. That bothers me! I don’t want us to become complacent. I want us to still be bothered by the things that bothered us back in the beginning when we didn’t have any people and things weren’t so comfortable. We wanted to reach people who were far from God and who’d given up on church and had given up on the hope of ever knowing God.

The dream remains the same. But, as we shared at the recent Newsnight, the route we’re taking is going to change. It’s hard because it doesn’t feel like a lot of people have gone this route before. But often to reach people no-one else is reaching we have to do things no-one else is doing. We believe God’s leading us towards meeting across multiple sites for this next stage. So from January we’re moving our 9.30 am meeting to Lordswood Boy’s School. It might look different in the future – we just want to keep listening to God and following him. What we’re asking you to do is come with us on the journey.

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