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Setting The Pace

January 14th, 2011

Like thousands of others, Jonny found himself stuck in his car in gridlocked traffic last Friday. A very brief snow shower brought all the main roads in the city to a virtual stand still. God used the experience to speak about what he is doing on a spiritual level:

I’m the one who sets the pace. I can bring people to a stop and I can propel them forward. I can make them still and I can excite them into action. I can obstruct progress and I can clear the way. Ultimately, whatever skills are possessed or efforts undertaken, it is me that causes movement or stagnation…

The condition of my church in England over the past 50 years has not been normal, free flowing traffic. It has been a traffic jam that has been at a crawl. This is not how my kingdom usually advances. This is kingdom advance at a standstill and I have brought it to a standstill.

However, just as I can bring to a standstill, I can set things in motion. Just as I can block the path, I can also clear the road. I want my people to start to pray expectantly for a break in the traffic – for things to go from a crawl to an open road. I want them to pray for increased speed of breakthroughs in individuals’ lives, for believers who have been stuck for long periods of time to be suddenly moving very fast. I want them to pray for the quick, violent release of leaders and for leadership gifting to develop in individuals at breakneck speed. One minute they looked like they would never travel faster than 10 miles an hour; then suddenly, they are racing along at the national speed limit…

When the road clears, individuals get to their destinations more quickly but also masses of static traffic is dispersed quickly. I want to speed up individuals, churches and my church within this nation. You will look back at the days of snow traffic and wonder how you could have moved so slowly and your children will be amazed that you thought that a traffic jam was normal traffic. But I used that time to teach you to be still and know that I am the one who causes movement, that I am God. Now I want you to experience what it is to know that I am God while travelling at high speed.

As a church we’re certainly believing for an increase in momentum over the coming twelve months. This Sunday we will be sharing a little more about what we think this is going to look like in practise.

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