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December 3rd, 2010

I’m not sure that there’s any area of life where there’s been a greater sea change in recent years than in the whole area of attitudes towards sex and sexuality. As recently as the 1960s, married couples on TV weren’t even allowed to be in bed together unless they were fully clothed and one of them had a foot touching the floor. Just forty years on, a study found 20,000 scenes of suggested sexual intercourse or other sexual behaviour on prime time TV in a single year! And the vast majority of these sexual encounters took place between unmarried people by a ratio of six to one.

Now the change I’m talking about here isn’t that people misbehave sexually far more nowadays than they used to. That’s been going on since time began. What’s changed in our culture isn’t that people struggle with sexual immorality. What’s changed is people in our day are denying that sexual behaviour has anything to do with morality — that morality is even a relevant category.

This whole change in attitudes is epitomised by the character I recently saw on a prime-time TV show who was horrified that people might think that at 30 years old, she’s still a virgin. Up until 40 years ago people were usually embarrassed about being sexually active outside marriage – about sexual immorality in general. Nowadays, people are genuinely embarrassed about not having been sexually immoral.

Our culture’s attitude towards sex is that there are no objective moral absolutes; that whatever’s agreed upon between two consenting adults goes. But I believe in our heart of hearts we know better. And I know that regardless of what’s in our hearts, the Bible certainly teaches something better. So, this Sunday we’re going to examine God’s intent for human sexuality. It just might be the most important talk you ever hear!

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November 5th, 2010

The most dangerous lies are the ones we never notice. Common but deadly deceptions impact us every day. They can distort our thinking in ways we’d never expect and leave us with a life we never imagined. Our ability to recognise them can spell the difference between happiness and the loss of all we hold dear.

In the new five week series, starting on the 14th November, I’m going to expose five common ways God’s truth gets distorted. Each one has the potential to destroy our relationships, cloud our decisions, and twist our perception of him. Each week we’ll tackle a hot issue – things like sex, suffering, authority and sin – and look at how they often get distorted in our lives and culture. And, more importantly, we’ll see how we can recognise and overcome these distortions.

To launch the series I’m going to highlight the root cause of the deception in the world. The Bible says that there is more to this world than we can see. Beyond all that we are able to measure and understand is a spiritual world. It’s a world that we can neither see nor touch, yet we feel its impact every day. It impacts us relationally. It impacts our thinking. It impacts our worldviews. It impacts our attitudes toward morality and purity, our finances, our marriages, how we date, how we do business, how we interact. It’s an invisible world and it’s all around us and impacts everything we do.

The truth is, there are evil forces at play who are very happy for us to ignore their existence. If we are to overcome the distorted view of life which they propagate, we desperately need to wake up to the reality of the unseen spiritual world.

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