Sunday 19 August | 09:45 | Lordswood Girls School



On Sunday 19th August, Jonathan will be starting a mini-series called ‘Message Sent’. Its going to be all about reading the Bible. There are probably few things that cause Christians to feel guilty than the topic of ‘reading the Bible’. Sometimes it’s a matter of putting aside time, sometimes it’s a matter of enagaging with a book in an electronic age and sometimes it just doesn’t seem to make any sense. All of these things could make Jonathan’s new series a particularly unpalatable proposition!

 However, the intention is not to initiate a church-wide guilt trip or even a new ‘I-must-read- my-Bible’ dutifulness. This series will be about falling in love with God’s word, while providing practical help as to how to actually get more out of the Bible. To this end, we will be publishing a series of daily Bible reading notes on the blog from Monday. Check out the blog for more details.

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