Life Groups.

Life Groups

At Churchcentral we believe that God has saved us into a wonderful family, his people, his church. We are part of a community of believers with Jesus at the centre. We value relationships with each other - relationships that celebrate, encourage, support and provoke one another to live life the way God intended.

We also live in a magnificent city and are all part of local neighbourhood communities. Churchcentral Life Groups are about being community together to reach the community together.

How do we work this out?

We gather in small groups of somewhere between eight and twenty people meeting together in different locations all over the city during the week.

What do these groups look like?

We run a whole variety of groups to cater for different needs. We have clustered them together as Encounter Life Groups, Equipping Life Groups and Interest Life Groups. Read on to find out more. You should find one that is a good fit for you.

Encounter Life Groups

Encounter Life Group

As you read through the pages of the Bible you can’t help but see ordinary person after ordinary person doing extra-ordinary things. How? They had an encounter with God which changed their lives and equipped them for the God-given task ahead.

If you are a Christian, God has called you to extra-ordinary things. Let’s face it, God has already done the extra-ordinary in your life, but we want to see God changing us from one degree of glory to the next – by his mighty grace.

For that, we need to regularly be pursuing God’s presence and encountering him. The incredible thing is that God saved us into a family, into his church, and we get to encourage each other, pray for each other and minister to each other using the gifts God generously gives to each of us.

Encounter Life Groups are a safe place for us to draw close to God together, share our lives with one another, stand together and help each other to meet with God.

Life Group means not settling for a meal and a chit-chat, but expecting more - expecting God to move powerfully in our lives; expecting to encounter God and go away changed.

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Equipping Life Groups

Equipping Life Group

Have you ever been camping? Well, whether you love the great outdoors and sleeping un-der the stars, or whether you prefer your accommodation to have a different kind of star rating, the truth remains that if you are going to have a successful holiday you need to go equipped.

Living life as a son or daughter of God, empowered by him and full of the Holy Spirit, is a wonderful adventure. However, nowhere in the Bible do you find a promise that it will be easy. But the good news is that God has given us much that equips us for the journey ahead.

The Bible describes life as a race. Equipping Life Groups are run to help us to find, unpack and learn how to use and enjoy the tools God has given us to run the race well.

What kinds of areas can we be equipped in...?

You’ll find courses on marriage, parenting, money matters, how to read the Bible for all it’s worth, Freedom in Christ, getting started in the Christian faith and many more.

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Interest Life Groups

Interest Life Group

Everyone is interested in something! When was the last time you met someone for the first time who was interested in the same things you are? It was fun wasn’t it?

Diversity is one of the truly amazing things about the Kingdom of God. So, while as Chris-tians we have a family connection – things we commonly share - there is huge diversity among us. For instance, we all enjoy a huge variety of interests and activities.

We’re also passionate about sharing with others the one thing we have in common together – Jesus. That’s exactly the point of Interest Life Groups. All groups have a particular af-finity that draws its members together, while reaching out into the city and communities in which we live, fulfilling the Great Commission and seeing God’s Kingdom come.

So, do you like cooking or critiquing others food? Then come to the Cooking Club. Maybe you’re more into outdoor sports and like mountain biking or hiking. Is arts and craft your thing? There’s probably a group for you. Or maybe you would love spending an evening with others examining the finer cinematographic points of Transformers 3? We have groups to accommodate a wide range of different interests!

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Other groups:

Student Life Groups are all about taking it to the next level… The next level in our relationship with God. The next level in working out our calling from God. The next level in praying for each other and seeing God’s power at work.

Student Life Groups are a great way to get networked into the Church and get equipped to head out into the mission field of campus.

Let’s face it, we all have questions to which we wish we had the answer: Are we alone in the universe? Will time travel be possible one day? And just how long IS a piece of string? Or maybe you want to know what the meaning of life really is?

Alpha gives you the chance to ask some of the big questions (mainly the ones about life and faith rather than extraterrestrials and string); the questions that really matter, and maybe find some answers. In a relaxed setting with a free meal every week Alpha can help you explore more about the Christian faith.

We may only be scratching the surface of the population of 12 million elderly people in the UK, but senior citizens are a valuable part of Churchcentral life.

Senior Life Groups build community and break into often isolated lives. We’re forming friendships with each other and pushing deeper into relationship with God. It’s never too late for God to transform our lives.

Would you like to explore the claims of Jesus for yourself? Do you have friends who would like to investigate the Christian faith? If so, our Next Step Reps are here to help! At each site, we have Next Step Reps- a small team available to help people who want to explore Christianity for themselves - and they will be running ‘Explore Groups’ for anyone who is interested. These groups will be built around people’s interest and they could be anything from a simple meal to chat over difficult questions to Bible studies that look deeply into the claims of Jesus. If you are interested or know of anyone who might be, talk to your Next Step Reps or email the church office.

Life groups are the best place to ask questions, share experiences and build relationships. Meeting with others regularly has encouraged, challenged and inspired me. I've made lifelong friendships there as we've prayed and worshipped together (and eaten lots of cake).


'I settled into Churchcentral when I started attending my first life group. It was a great way to meet new people who encouraged me with my walk with God'.

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